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A brief Biography of Moazzam Mirza

Moazzam Mirza visit Mumbai

Moazzam Mirza (Born Mirza Moazzam Beg, Moazzambeg Salafi, 18 November 1991) was famous watercolor artist, Team founder-leader (Moazzam Beg Khan’s), Founder of BeyPeople News (social news activity) and also Activity member of Salafi Movement.

Beg is Ahle hadees (salafi) because, Ahl al-Hadith, The people of hadith means ‘Quran – Hadith’ (The People followers only Quran and Sahi Hadith),

Moazzambeg Mirza
Moazzam Mirza talking about islam religion (Ahmedabad)

(1) Moazzambeg’s, Statement his belief in Ahle Hadees:
In Mumbai, Sun 07, Aug 2011
by Sheikh Omer
As-Salamu Alaykum, i am born in Indian Muslim family and i proud, my father Mahmoodbeg his belief in Tablighi hanafi and before i am Tablighi hanafi, running my life, my uncle Abd’ al-Sheikh Sher Khan before his Tablighi hanafi and he is research (tehqeeq) after his belief in Ahle hadees, his says you research and after see result, i research read Quran & Sahih Hadith with translation in my language. I read Quran or Sahih Hadith very long time but after i accepting in Feb 2010, my uncle is right, after i following only Quran & Sahih Hadith. Now i proud i Muslim and i Holding only..only.. Quran & Sahih Hadith, now my imam “MUHAMMAD (pbuh)”, my life is running now very..very good & easy.

Source: Begs statement his Ahle Hadees, PQR News and https://twitter.com/Moazzambeg/status/738367042638598144

(2) Moazzam Beg and his team members:
In Ahmedabad, Sep. 14, 2013
by BeyPeople
Team founder-leader Mr. Moazzambeg Salafi said right fight Syrian al-Qaeda Mujahideen because Syrian people follow to Bashar al-Assad, people said Bashar al-Assad is GOD…, so Al-Qaeda starting fight with syrian people and al-Qaeda message is “There is only One True God – Allah”

Source: Moazzam Beg Khan’s Team Said Right Syrian Al-Qaeda Mujahideen

Moazzam Mirza art, like Ahmedabad Railway Station
Moazzam Mirza art, like Ahmedabad Railway Station

Mirza education in Republic High School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. also beg is a Watercolor artist, his high school in first 1st rank in Art field, his won a most Art Award. his 2nd rank artist in Gujarat State, Awarded by School Principal Mr. Khan Sir in 2006.

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