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The title Mirza

Members of the Mughal royal family of Delhi, the Mirza 1860s
Members of the Mughal royal family of Delhi, the Mirza 1860s

The word Mīrzā is derived from the Persian term ‘Amīrzāde which literally means “child of the ‘Amīr” or “child of the leader” in Persia. ‘Amīrzād in turn consists of the Arabic title ‘Amīr (engl. Emir), meaning “commander”, and the Persian suffix -zād, meaning “birth” or “lineage”. The title Mirza was most commonly used by the Turkic clan called Barlas. The Barlas people were the chief tribe of the Timurids and used Mirza as a title before the given name and Baig (also spelt ‘Beg’) as the surname for all the patriarchs. Thus creating the Mirza-Baig lineage. Mirza titles were given by the kings, sultans or emperors to their sons and grandsons, or even distant kins. Nobleman loyal to the kings also received this Noble titles, although their usage differed.

The name “Baig” is derived from the Turkic word Beg, or Bey, which means chief or lord (i.e. leader/commander). The spelling ‘Baig’ was most probably popularized, for ease of pronunciation, during the British colonial rule of the Indian Subcontinent. Baig was also a title given to honorary members of the Barlas clan, and was used as the family name for their children.

Academics and literature:

Mirza Ghalib (born: Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan), a famous Urdu and Persian poet from South Asia who adorned the Mughal court.

Mirza Khan of “Mirza & Sahiba”, a tragic Romeo-and-Juliet-like love story enshrined in Panjabi literature and commonly told in the Punjab region, though in this story Mirza is used as a name and not as a title.

Iraj Mirza, Persian folk poet, also known as Jalaal-al-mamalek.

Muhammad Munawwar Mirza, a prominent scholar, historian, writer and intellectual from Pakistan.

Nawab Mirza Khan “Daagh” a famous urdu poet.


Aamir Hameed Mirza, Advocate – British Immigration and Nationality Laws Practitioner.

Mirza Aziz Akbar Baig, Former Vice Chairman of Pakistan Bar Council.


Haroon Mirza, is a living Anglo-Pakistani artist born in London in 1977.

Moazzam Mirza, is a watercolor artist born in  Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Iskandar Ali Mirza, was the first President & 4th Governor General of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1956.

Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad, was a Federal minister and Finance Secretary,Chairman of Planning Commission of Pakistan, Finance Minister of Pakistan and deputy executive secretary of the World bank.

Fahmida Mirza, She was elected as the first female Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan.

Mirza Ismail, Prime Minister, Jaipur (Diwan of Jaipur) (1942-1946).


Mirza Aslam Baig a Former Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan.

Mirza Ghulam Murtaza was the ruler of Qadian and fought for the Sikh Empire and later the British Raj.

Mirza Kuchak Khanwas a Persian revolutionary who led the Jungle Movement in the northern jungles of Gilan Province.


Mirza Najaf Khan, Persian Prince, Indian Courtier and Commander in Chief of the Mughal Imperial Army.

Mirza Hadi Baig Punjabi nobleman of Persian origin who was granted 80 villages by Babur because of family relations.

Khan Muhammad Mirza, Architect during the Mughal Era.


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, founder of the Ahmadiyya movement.

Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad, second Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Community.

Mirza Nasir Ahmad, third Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Community.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad, fourth Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Community.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad, fifth Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Community.

Mírzá usayn-`Alí Nuri: known as Baha’u’llah; Founder of the Baha’i Faith.


Mirza MughalShahzada Mirza Sultan Muhammad Zahir ud-din also known as well Mirza Mughal (1232 A.H/1817– Tuesday, 2 Safar, 1274 A.H/22 September 1857) was an Imperial Prince of the Royal Family of India; the fifth son of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, the 12th and last Mughal emperor.


Mirza Delibašić, Bosnian Basketball Player.

Mirza Teletović, Bosnian Basketball Player.

Sania Mirza, Indian Tennis Player.

Fadi Merza, is an Austrian middleweight Muaythai fighter, kickboxer and boxer.

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