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Seminar Report: Protect Her, Protect Future.

Over 600+ attendees from various walks of life stepped in to be a part of one-of-its-kind seminar, on Sunday, November 24th, 2013. “Protect Her, Protect Future” was a glimmer that shone outright in today’s world. After the unprecedented title that attracted many, the audience enjoyed over three and a half hours and felt compelled to turn the topic into a reality.

The seminar commenced with the recitation of Qur’an by Maulana Inamur Rahman Sanabili, translated by, Chand Shaikh.

Iftikhar Islam and Moinuddin ibn Nasrullah were the featured speakers, inspiring attendees to find a solution in protecting future, shaping a society they were passionate to live in and make their life more than just a living-earning-sleeping dogma. Iftikhar Islam shared the joy of protecting one’s haya. He also walked an extra mile to discover what haya actually meant, and Moinuddin ibn Nasrullah encouraged the attendees to travel to various parts of the world and picked up top five women who were brutally tortured, thereby criticizing the Western society and its ideology which is proving destructive each passing day.

The presentations struck a chord directly with the attendees during the open Q&A session where both the speakers clarified on various issues related to women,  and modesty by emphasizing on women’s dress code, late marriages, attitude of the society towards women, women’s attitude towards other women, the convent culture, westernization of the society, increasing rape cases and many more.

The event was well administered by Muhammad Sohel and coordinated by Asifiqbal with the team of ICGF (Islamic Call & Guidance Foundation).

The seminar went global through live Youtube streaming. The response from on-line as well as on-site attendees was astounding.

The pearls of wisdom gathered by me are enumerated below:

The best gift one can gift to one’s child is a good mother!
Blue films are destroying our society!
Ban alcohol in our country, it is the root of all evils.
Why don’t we speak up in the Parliament on reducing marriage age!
Bollywood is a semi-porn industry! One of the reasons for increasing rape cases.
Malala is a political propaganda! Why don’t we remember Dr. Aafia Siddiqi instead?
Son can never become a daughter; daughter can never become a son!
Women are the jewels of the society.
Education of women is highly important. Education shapes an individual the way a rock is shaped into a sparkling diamond.
Women should respect themselves first.
End of modesty is end of the ethical society
Asking father’s name in the Western society is an abuse; our society should not follow the west blindly.

These truly are pearls of wisdom and jewels for an inquisitive mind bent on revolutionizing the society through protecting two utmost basic societal elements: haya and women!

Topic: Protect Her, Protect Future
Theme: Revolutionizing the society Timing: 1000hrs – 1330hrs
Venue: Jai Shankar Sundari Hall
Audience Strength: 600+ Speakers: Iftikhar Islam (Admin. GPRF, Belgaum)
  Moinuddin Ibn Nasrulah (President ICGF, Ahmedabad)

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