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10 Facts you should know about Sharia Law


1. Non-Muslims can live inside the Islamic State.

One of the most misunderstood matters is the ruling on non-muslims inside an Islamic state. It is believed that the state would only allow a pure Muslims population, however this is incorrect and commonly used by non-muslims to attack the Shari’ah. Non-Muslims can choose to live in the state if they pay the ‘Jiziyaa’ (the closes translation for this word is ‘tax’). Once they do so, they are known as the dhimmi, and their life and honour immediately has sanctity and are protected by the state.

The Khaleefah (Caliph) will go to great lengths to protect the dhimmi. An example, if they (the dhimmi) are being harassed by another tribe, the Islamic state will judge the situation and fight (even physically with the Muslim armies) to defend them.

2. The Non-Muslim citizen (Dhimmi) – including Muslims – get rights to free food, clothing and shelter provided by the state by default.

The benefits offered to the dhimmi are clear. By default they are entitled to free housing, food, gas and clothing without any ambiguity. Some scholars go further and say electricity are also deemed as necessities in today’s day and age. If these opinion’s are adopted by the Khaleefah’s (Caliphs) decision council, these too will be provided free to the dhimmi.

The Khaleefah will appoint a director for this department which will ensure providing the necessary energy to the whole country ranging from coal, oil, electricity etc.

“The son of Adam has no better right than that he would have a house wherein he may live and a piece of cloth whereby he may hide his nakedness and a piece of bread and some water.” [Tirmidhi]

3. Fee’s such as council tax, road tax etc. will be abolished.

The Islamic state will abolish all fiscal fees and rates, water and sewage rates, school fees, import and export licences and fees, council rates, ground rent, road tax and fiscal stamps. According to shari‘ah, these services are the duty of the state; the state in Islam is a guardian and not a collection of fees and rates.

One of its main functions is to secure the essential needs of all its subjects and to enable each individual to acquire his luxuries according to his ability.

4. The ‘Jiziyaa’ (Non-muslim tax) is lower than the ‘Zakat’ (Muslim tax).

The Jizyaa, a tax for non-muslim citizens of the state, is lower than the Muslim tax – Zakat (Obligatory upon all muslims). Muslims, must also pay the Zakat, both the Jiziyaa and Zakat go to the Islamic treasury and will be utilized on areas where the Islamic authority sees fit.

5. Earth’s resources cannot be privatised and sold at extortionate prices.

Natural resources – like oil, coal and gas – will not be sold at ridiculous prices to the population. Today we see the true face of dollar guzzling greedy cooperates as they continue to sell energy at unaffordable prices. The common people are powerless as energy prices rise month on month, while energy companies profits increase so do their pockets.

Today’s government has done little to help its people, and with all this it continues to cut public expenditure, family support benefits (child benefits, housing benefits etc.) and continues to squeeze public spending even more. No matter who, labour, conservative or liberal democrats. You will never find justice in man made law since these same problems are riddled in every country where Shari’ah is absent.
6. Poverty will be eradicated.

When Islam was implemented on state level in parts of the African continent (Ethiopia and Sudan), it slowly extinguished poverty. People had the basics of food, clothing and shelter provided to them by the Islamic state, and they had the opportunity to prosper as human beings.

Since the removal of Islam from those lands we witness corruption, genocide and the alleviation of poverty once again. Charity is embedded within Islam and cannot be removed, unlike in the west it is something every Muslim must practice by necessity. We see a lot of people with soft hearts, kindness and who recognise the problem – without to undermine their concern – the help and assistance they provide are always temporary and never permanent. The corruption returns and sometimes in other forms such as prostitution, violence and drugs.

To solve these problems, you will need to remove the root issue / problem which has plagued poor areas for decades, the cure will only come with the removal of all man made laws and systems such as democracy, then the implementation of the Shari’ah.

“If poverty was a man, I would kill him.” [Narrated by Umar Ibn Al-Khataab.]

7. Society ills (such as gambling, prostitution, drugs and paedophilia etc) will be extinguished.

Islam prohibits diseases pushed under the declaration of ‘freedom’ such as pornography, paedophilia, bestiality, gambling, drugs and alcohol which seek to exploit and enslave people to their instincts and desires resulting in rising crime rates and the anarchy which is prevalent today in western society. The way of life in Islam ensures the fulfilment of everyone’s right to basic food which will prevent people from resorting to illicit acts. Unlike capitalism, Islam prohibits gambling and interest which exploit the poor to the advantage of the rich.

As a result of freedom and democracy we have seen the most absurd laws. To mention one or two, in the state of Missouri bestiality (the marriage between humans and animals) is allowed and in America paedophiles have formed an organization called NAMBLA (North American Men And Boys Lovers Association) allowing paedophiles to perform horrendous acts with children. Similarly, under ‘freedom’ a group of people have begun sacrifices and mutilation for the sake of Satan, this even involves the kidnapping of innocent life to fulfil these satanic rituals.

8. Education is free to ALL citizens

The State would ensure the provision of free education to every male and female at both primary and secondary levels, the state would also endeavour to provide free education to everyone at university level. This is so because providing every single citizen of the state with the education he or she needs in all walks of life is an essential necessity, therefore it is the Stateis duty to provide it (especially now that the primary and secondary education have become basic necessities rather than luxuries). It is therefore an obligation upon the state to ensure that every individual is educated to such levels. As for the higher studies, some of these are also a necessity, such as medicine and study of the mining industry for instance, and the state should provide such education; whereas what is considered to be non essential studies such as literature, the state should provide such studies if funds were available.

But today education in Britain are merely business avenues for the rich and powerful, recent events have proven this. With the increase of student tuition fees and removal of tuition caps it is made it more apparent the degree will cost a lot more than it has previously. The quality of the degree has also become questionable, it all boils down and points back to the fundamental failure of the system of (man made) democracy.

The Khilafah state would ensure provision of free education to every male and female (Muslim and non-Muslim) at both primary and secondary levels and would endeavour to provide free education to everyone at university level. Education at higher levels would be encouraged and the state would help in funding those who wish to do so as much as possible.

9. The punishment system (Judicial system) in Islam is superior than any man made system.

The injustice is all too apparent in countries where man made law is dominant. We have seen many cases in the past, where a paedophile or rapist receives a lower sentence than someone who has convicted a crime like robbery etc. A favourite theme for the Orientalists is to attack Islam’s punishment system, but when we study in context the punishments, you will immediately see the justice of Islam, and in comparison to man made law it is far superior.

A U.S. Justice Department report released on November 30 2006 showed that a record 7 million people — or one in every 32 American adults — were behind bars, on probation or on parole at the end of last year. Of the total, 2.2 million were in prison or jail.

Is democracy really the way forward? We have seen hundreds ready to defend democracy but is it really worth defending? The statistics speak for themselves! If democracy was indeed a ‘superior’ way of life why so many problems?

Furthermore, with 3,256 on death row (In the USA alone) democracy has show it does practice and implement the death penalty.

The Islamic Judicial system is far better to any system man has ever devised in history. The strictness concerning evidence has meant that only around 200 people ever had their hands cut in 1300 years of Islamic Rule and the incidences of theft were very low. The Islamic system allows a person aggrieved of a crime the right to forgive the accused or to demand compensation for certain crimes.

A person has the right to take the ruler to court and even remove him if he transgresses against the Shari’ah. There are four categories of punishment in Islam which protect the rights of Allah, of the Individual, of the Community and of the State. A persons fate is not left to the whims and prejudices of 12 fallible people but in the hands of a qualified judge. In addition Islamic punishments are executed without delay or hesitation and torture is prohibited and haraam for any Muslim to practice.

10. Divine human rights VS Man-made human rights.

If we compare the so-called ‘human rights’ which are enshrined within the Declaration of Human Rights with the Divine Rights given to all human beings by our creator Allah (SWT) through his final message to humanity i.e. Al-Islam, we will find that there are significant differences between the two. These are apart from the fact that those given by God are not subject to change due to whim or desire and that they formed the basis of a civilization which eradicated common problems nowadays such as racism and poverty for over 1300 years under the authority of the Islamic State. This State was ironically destroyed at the hands of the western imperialistic powers such as France and Britain on the 3rd of March 1924.

Islam protects the belief, life, honour, mind and wealth of all citizens as well as ensuring that each individuals needs in terms of food, clothing and shelter are provided for not as a matter of charity but as a matter of divine obligation upon the Islamic State. Countries such as Ethiopia and Sudan flourished in the time of their governance under the divine law enacted by the Islamic State to the extent that they were self sufficient in resources such as food and were even able to provide relief to other nations.

In conclusion…

There is nothing which comes close to the Shari’ah and Islam, however the Shari’ah needs to be implemented in its totality to work and receive the blessings (Baraqa) from Allah. Countries such as Saudia Arabia or Iran may represent and come across as ‘Islamic’ nations but they are far from Islam and the Shari’ah!

“Allah ordered you to return the huquq to the people and if you rule and judge between people, you rule by Shari’ah (i.e. Al Adl – justice).” [EMQ 4: 58]

QUESTION: Is there a country on earth which rules by the Shari’ah?

No. There is no country on earth which implements the Shari’ah, rather they implement man made systems which do not derive from Islam. The systems they rule by are oppressive and unjust, and often permit what Allah (SWT) has made haraam such as Interest, Alcohol and Prostitution.

“Those who do not judge by what Allah has sent down, such people are kafirun..” [EMQ 5:44]

Refer to the Apostasy of the rulers, this article focuses on countries that masquerade under Islam, instead they implement systems such as democracy, other types of man made laws and ideas which are not divine and not from the Qur’an. We can see the effects of legislative law by man in the UK and US. I don’t believe I need to elaborate on problems the west faces, as these problems are apparent and in plain sight. and I have named a few above.

QUESTION: What will happen to banks and the current banking system?

The current banking system will be destroyed. When Islam comes into power it will erradicate any system which has any potential to exploit humans. This is the justice of the Shari’ah, we see today across the world, fellow beings are being exploited for their wealth, honour and dignity through prostitution, alcohol and gambling (These are only a select few!). Islam came to establish worship to the only creator Allah (SWT) and stop man from following and worshipping his/hers desires.

The role of banks in Islam will be to collect the nation’s deposits and to also act as a central pool whereby money can be collected and invested in the economy.

QUESTION: What happens to my old bank notes and currency?

Old bank notes and coins will not be devalued, but will be exchanged with the new notes which replace gold and silver reserves, so that the Khilafah state currency does not get minted and used for other purposes because it belongs to the Ummah and the State.

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