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Moazzam Beg Khans Formerly Team Name

Moazzam Beg Khan’s, formerly team name the team founder & leader “Moazzam Mirza” also known “Moazzam Beg Salafi” His past watercolor artist and activity member of Salafi movement. Team found since November 2009.


Team members:

  • Moazzambeg Mirza (team leader & founder)
  • Afzalkhan Pathan
  • Akramkhan Pathan
  • Aashifkhan Pathan
  • Ashrafkhan Pathan
  • Aadilkhan Pathan
  • Arbazkhan Pathan
  • Akbarkhan Pathan
  • Faisalkhan Pathan
  • Salimkhan Pathan
  • Shahnawazkhan Pathan

Source: Team moazzambeg khans

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