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Move over Reliance Jio, BSNL to offer broadband data for less than Re 1 per GB

​”BSNL is trying to attract new broadband users with a monthly unlimited data plan of Rs 249″

Earlier this week, Reliance Jio created a buzz in the Indian telecom sector by announcing its tariff details. The company also introduced its Welcome offer giving users unlimited access to voice calls, SMS and data (4GB cap per day) for free until December 31st. However, state-owned BSNL has taken the competition to a whole new level by announcing a new unlimited broadband plan that offers 1GB of data for less than Re 1.

BSNL has announced that from September 9th, it will offer a new wireline broadband plan called “Experience Unlimited BB 249” to its new users in urban and rural areas.

With a monthly price of Rs 249, this plan will offer an FUP of 300GB, with post-cap speeds at 512kbps, which just meets the broadband requirements in India. However, even then, the wireline plan is significantly cheaper than Jio, as it translates to less than Re 1 per GB, or Rs 0.83, to be precise.

“Under this plan, customers can download unlimited Broadband data without bothering about any data limit in GB. BSNL shall offer 2 Mbps speed under this plan,” the operator said in a statement.

BSNL said that the Experience Unlimited BB 249 plan will be available to the new users for a span of six months, and after that, they will be migrated to one of the regular plans based on their preference. The plan will attract new users to experience BSNL’s broadband services, which currently has around 2 crore subscribers.

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