​Bajaj 400cc Bike Booking Started

Zigwheels 30 Nov. 2016 18:16
Some of the dealerships are already accepting bookings for this upcoming contemporary cruiser motorcycle

We called up a bunch of Bajaj dealerships throughout India to see whether one can book its upcoming 400cc cruiser sports motorcycle, and a few of them have said: Yes, you can! Though there’s no official confirmation from the company on the same, the intel, quite obviously, has raised our brows in anticipation. The bike in question has been denoted by many names on the internet, such as CS400, Kratos 400 and Dominor, etc.; however, since the dealership people seemed quite comfortable with the use of the name CS400, I would just call it the CS400. Until, of course, Bajaj clears my confusion.

Bajaj has not confirmed the launch date of the bike yet, but if one of the Mumbai dealers whom we called is to be believed, then you might find the bike parked in some dealerships in major cities in a week or two. However, the dealership still wasn’t able to confirm an exact launch date. When asked about the booking amount, the executive on the phone confirmed that a sum of Rs 1000 or more (whichever suits the customer) will be enough. Want to book one? We would suggest to call up your nearest Bajaj dealership first, before visiting in person.

Speaking of the bike, we have a fair idea of its appearance. Partly because of the concept that Bajaj showcased at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo and rest through the spy images. And, if we compare the two, the production version seems to carry a lot from the concept. Such as the single swept-back headlamp unit, a humpback tank with a secondary display, sleek rear profile, and a long swingarm. However, there’s a considerable amount of change as well, like the upside-down forks have been switched with the routine telescopic forks as seen on the spied version – certainly to keep the cost low.

The bike will be powered by a 375cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled motor derived from that of the KTM 390. However, to fill in the shoes of a cruiser bike, it will feature better low-end torque. Expect the power and torque figures to hover around 35PS and 33Nm, respectively. As far as the price is concerned, it might fall in the ballpark of Rs 1.7 lakh.

As for when the floodgates open officially, we’ll keep you updated on that.

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