​Rs 2,000 note will be illegal after 3 years

News24 29 Nov. 2016 23:33
New Delhi:The new Rs 2000 note continues to be in headline since it has been introduced. Sometimes it is fake Rs 2000, sometimes it is about the colour. The latest news that brings it back to headlines is that the new note has a lifespan of three years, and after that it will automatically turn into a piece of white paper.

“ This is no prank. You will be surprised to know that Modi ji is playing a game with you. RBI has used a technology that makes the new note loose colour gradually, and by the end of 3 years it will turn into a piece of white paper which will not be recognised as a legal tender,” says a viral message.

The message goes on to say, “ If you want to keep the note as a legal tender then you have to get it changed after two years from a bank. The new note will get demonetised after every 3 years. Let’s see how people accumulate black money now. Very good idea Modiji.”


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