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I am being harassed by some agencies

Press Release
Our efforts are focussed on moral and ethical upliftment
I am being harassed by some agencies : Muhammad Aamir President of  Islamic Fraternity(IF)

Today in a local hotel of Srinagar, Islamic fraternity organized an emergency press conference in which Muhammad Aamir ,president of Islamic fraternity address media persons, He said:

” At the onset let me clarify  the main objectives of our organisation. We strive for Dawat o Islah of the society.Our efforts are focused on moral and ethical upliftment of cross sections of the society through the use of modern technology. We have successfully worked for reformation of multiple vices in the society especially drug addiction, depression  and environmental degredation. 

We have no political affiliation or disruptive ideology whatsoever .

From the onset we have been carrying out our work with utmost  transparency and  encourage positive and contributive review of our activities and modus operandi.

We consider ourselves answerable to to every credible individual of the society and credible agency of the government.

Today we are before  you because for the past two years a sustained effort is being exerted to push us to the wall so that we withdraw from our work. Death threats are being given on daily basis. We dont know why this is being done. From time to time we have brought this into the notice of police and security agencies. Proper record of it is available.

Couple of months back i was interrogated  in Mumbai  by some agency in the dead of the night and complete profiling was done. Now the people who hosted me or met me  are being interrogated as well.We have apprehensions that concentrated efforts are  being made to create an apprehensive environment  around our activities. Efforts to malign our reputation are being made despite we holding no grudge against any community or individual.

 It is our duty and responsibility to inform our brethern and people about this agonising experience and venomous campaign launched against us.

We  believe in good and wish goodness to all.”

-Source: Muhammad Sohel (WhatsApp)

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